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Tumbling Program

Master the Basics With Tumbling Classes at Elite Energy Gymnastics

With five different levels of tumbling classes, Elite Energy Gymnastics is great for any child looking to build a solid base in tumbling. Perfect for those interested in Cheerleading or Competitive Dance, we mostly use the trampoline and tumble track to teach the basics of tumbling in a fun, safe, and rewarding way.

Level 1

60 minutes
Level 1 is an introductory course in our tumbling program that allows students to learn basic technique and skills such as handstands, forward rolls, cartwheels, and bridges. This class is great for students looking for a great foundation to begin their tumbling journey!

Level 2

60 minutes
Level 2 is geared towards students that have mastered basic technique and skills. These students will enjoy continuing their journey with quality instructions on roundoffs and the infamous back handspring!

Level 3

60 minutes
Back handsprings! The primary objective is to achieve and refine standing back handsprings and running roundoff back handsprings. We accomplish this goal through exciting drills and detailed directions from our amazing tumbling staff.

Level 4

60 minutes
Students in Level 4 already have solid roundoff and standing back handsprings and are ready to take their skills off the ground. This class is full of high-level skills, ranging from front handsprings and tucks to roundoff back handspring back layouts. Students will also be introduced to front and back twisting and multi-directional tumbling.


60 minutes
Our most advanced class incorporates challenging tumbling drills and exercises. We focus on mastering skills such as layouts, halves, fulls, 1&1/2’s, double fulls, and beyond. We prioritize proper technique and safe progression through these advanced skills to ensure safety and complete mastery.


Beginning Coed

This class is open to all those interested in coed flying with our staff. Little to no experience is required

Advanced Coed

This class is open to those flyers with moderate coed stunting experience.

Open Stunt

Let’s stunt! This class offers coed as well as group stunting. Anyone (base, flyer, backstop) can attend this class. Stunt groups / partners will be formed along with stunting with our experienced staff.


Level 1

This cheer class is great for first-time cheerleaders! Basic cheerleading motions are taught along with beginning jump technique.

Level 2

Level 2 cheer is a great class for those with some cheer experience. Motion sequences are taught transitions between different formations. Combination jumps are introduced along with jumps to tumbling (BWO, BHS)

Level 3

This is our most advanced cheer class. Cheerleaders with adequate experience will benefit the most from this class. Advanced motion sequences are taught along with combination jumps to tumbling (BHS series, tuck, BHS tuck).

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