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Recreational Gymnastics

Develop Skills In a Safe and Fun Atmosphere

Elite Energy Gymnastics has tailored our Development Gymnastics program to help students of various skill levels achieve their goals. We have worked tirelessly to establish a fun, energetic, and safe atmosphere for our students and the results have been extremely rewarding. Your child will grow in their love for gymnastics and learn important life skills that will benefit them for years to come!

Girls Gym


Introductory Girls
60 minutes
This introductory class focuses on the fundamentals of gymnastics, with a focus on proper body shapes, strength, and flexibility. Ultimately, this program strives to prepare the body for the physical demand of gymnastics while providing a strong foundation for their entire gymnastics career.


Beginning Girls
60 minutes

Building on what our students learn in the Introductory class, this program introduces the concept of skill association to our gymnasts. With skill association, your child will learn how mastering one skill will leading to excelling in other areas of gymnastics.


Intermediate Girls
60 minutes

With a solid foundation built from Introductory (Bronze) and Beginning Girls (Silver), students begin to work on more advanced skills, as well as continuing to master the basic skills.


Advanced Girls
60 minutes

After building a concrete foundation, the focus shifts to mastering more advanced skills and connections. When Level 3 guidelines are performed successfully, gymnasts may also begin to learn Level 4 skills. From this point, students work on the skills that would assist them on pre-team and team levels.

Diamond (Elite) *invitation only*

90 minutes

The highest level of recreational gymnastics. This class focuses on the development of higher level skills that will prepare your student for entry level team. This is an invitation only, one-and-a-half-hour class that is offered either once or twice per week. This class focuses on flexibility, strength building, and skill connections. We hope that this class serves as a bridge for your daughter from the recreational program to our competitive team.

Select Team

Additional 2 classes a month

The recreational team will be very similar to a real competitive team except without all the expenses and time commitment of our competitive program. Your child will continue to practice in their regular class, this is when they will focus on their skills they will be competing. Then twice a month there will be additional practice for their routines and to learn the ropes of a competition. Your gymnast will receive a leotard, T-shirt and Shorts that will serve as their uniform for all the competitions.

Boys Gym

Beginning Boys

Ages 5 and up, 60 minutes

This beginner-level class teaches boys basic gymnastics moves and skills, such as cartwheels and handstands. They will learn body awareness and shapes and improve their strength, flexibility and conditioning as they prepare for the next level.

Intermediate Boys

Ages 5 and up, 60 minutes

This program is a great way for interested gymnasts to build even progressions and skills. This class introduces the floor, bars, rings, and pommel horse as well as the tumble track and trampoline. Students will also continue to master the skills they learned in the Beginning Boys class.

Advanced Boys

Ages 5 and up, 60 minutes

The most advanced boys level that prepares the athlete for advanced skills on all equipment, including the floor, pommel horse, high bar, parallel bars, and rings. This level prepares the boys to advance to the Competitive Program, or just to advance recreationally.

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