Murfreesboro: 615-890-6611 Winchester: 931-308-4835

All-Star Cheer Program

A Winning Tradition At Every Level

The Elite Energy All-Star program began in 2005, and to date has won a National Championship at the Mini, Youth, Junior and Senior levels. We have earned a stellar reputation for our All Star Cheer program since its inception, with the original goal being to give kids the opportunity to compete at all levels.

Maintaining a winning tradition takes hard work and dedication, that’s why we are always looking for our next valuable team member. All Star Cheer Tryouts are held every spring (April/May). Elite Energy will host an informational parent meeting prior to tryouts. Please feel free to call us for further information.

Murfreesboro: 615-890-6611

Winchester: 931-308-4835

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Our Teams

Mini Level 1 – Shooting Stars

Required Tumbling Skills: Forward rolls, backward rolls, cartwheels, roundoffs, and preferably back-bend kick-overs or back walkovers.

Youth Level 2 – Halos

Required Tumbling Skills: back handsprings and back roundoff handsprings.

Senior Level 2

Same skills required as Youth Level 2, with age determining placement.

Junior Level 3 – Auroras

Required Tumbling Skills: Roundoff Tucks, Roundoff Back Handspring Tuck, Standing Back Handspring series, Jumps to Tumbling Connected.

Senior Level 4 – Eclipse

Required Tumbling Skills: Roundoff Handspring Layout, Roundoff Layout, Standing handsprings to a tuck/layout, Punch Front, Standing Tuck, Jumps connected to series to Tuck/Layout.

Senior Level 5 – Supernovas

Roundoff handspring full, Roundoff handspring double full, Roundoff full, Roundoff double full, Standing tuck, Standing full, Standing handsprings to full, Jumps to tuck, Jumps to full, Specialty passes containing Arabians, Whips, and bounding (full-whip-full, full-full, full-double, full-whip-double) skills.